Flame the soul dance, passion burning freely.

An experience with the vibration and sacred power of fire. A choreography of fire-images as sounds intensify the heat and images reflect the light, that gives voice to that which cannot be voiced.  Fire is at once internal and external. to all things and people.  Internalized, in its spirited ritual of dance and externalized in echoed sounds of light and heat.  The image of the flame evokes feelings that illuminate the interwoven way the dependent and responsive aspects work within the flame of the individual and the fiery outer world of activity (nature.)

FLAME                               9:30

The Egyptians had a word for cat, “Maw” which means - to see.  They thought since cats could see in the dark, they could also  penetrate the mind and soul of humans.  The Cat’s instinct for freedom and independence is idolized by humans.           

For three minutes this video gazes upon the intuitive/instinctive power contained in feline form.

The CAts                              2:55

seeing through our masks